Haruka (hime_panic) wrote in wereallbatty,

Let's make a mood theme!

So I figured that it's only natural a VD community should have a VD mood theme, and I got most of it done..but it's alot of pictures 'D:
So this is a fun little challenge I think the whole community should take on to get a little activity going. The link for the ones I've got so far is here. The password's 'walkingonair'.

These are the moods that still need a picture -


Every picture needs
~to be 90x70
~a 1px black border
~to be black and white
~umm..that's all I can think of really

Please comment with a link to any mood pictures and I'll add them to the album.
Your mission has been sent, now go go go!
please? >> XD;

Tags: challenge, mood theme
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