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If you want to read Vampire Doll... 
12:33am 15/07/2009
Since there are so few Vampire Doll loving LJ users it seems, I wanted to mention that if you're curious about this series, I just realized today that Manga Fox has the whole series up so take a look and join the club!

Let's make a mood theme! 
02:40pm 14/07/2009
So I figured that it's only natural a VD community should have a VD mood theme, and I got most of it done..but it's alot of pictures 'D:
So this is a fun little challenge I think the whole community should take on to get a little activity going. The link for the ones I've got so far is here. The password's 'walkingonair'.

Behind the cut for more details~Collapse )
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Intro + Question 
04:02pm 05/07/2009
mood: confused
Hi, I'm so glad I found a community for this manga (even a small one)! Which brings up something I've been wondering - why is this series so little-known? Every review I've come across gives it a high score, and I was able to pick it up off the shelf at my local book store, but no one seems to have heard of it. I mean, the fandom is practically non-existent compared to other titles that have fewer bishounen and what I view as less interesting plots. The only reason I can think of is that the art may take some getting used to before you warm up to it. Does anyone else know or have an opinion?

(It's especially annoying when you want to find info on it - after reading Volume 5 I searched forever to make sure it wasn't the end, and only today remembered/was able to find a release date for Volume 6.)

EDIT: By the way, this comm has a very nice layout. ^^
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Dante Coloring 
08:37pm 22/06/2009
Adorable Dante from Vampire Doll (a great manga if I may add) I hope you all enjoy it! My... third attempt at a manga coloring.

Comment go here!

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Get a little discussion going... 
12:01pm 10/05/2009
  So who's everybody's favorite character?

It's a tough choice, but Dante's too adorable for me not too love best.
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05:01pm 28/04/2009
  I'm happy to say that We're All Batty! is finally finished and I can't wait to see this community grow. Feel free to post anything concerning Vampire Doll!